31 October 2008

Hublot is a New Sponsor for Manchester United

Manchester United have a new sponsor in the 2008/2009 season of competition. The famous watches company that come from Swiss, Hublot, which will be the main sponsor of the winner Champions League and the Premier League Champions a few months ago.

From the agreement that both parties have done some time ago, Hublot will be the main sponsor of Manchester United in three years into the future. Instead of Hublot, according to the news, Manchester United will also get some sponsors from other famous companies such as Budweiser, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Saudi Telecom.

Chief Executive Manchester United, David Gill, feel happy because it has succeeded in getting the sponsor of Hublot. In the terms of innovation, the reputation of Hublot will become a very good partner for United. Currently, United are still bound by a contract company the world's largest origin of America (AIG). However, because of the global crisis that strikes the United States,AIG will be immediately stop cooperation with United.

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